Q & A

From here or away?  

Away... But ... I always wanted to be from "here"

Why do you live in Maine?

It is home. 

What are you up to?  where are you off to?

Are you an authority on any subject? 

Hmm I don't think so... 

Tell us about the oldest item in your closet that gets regular wear.  


The newest?

An old camel hair coat from a friend  

The most fashionable thing you own is?

that same camel hard coat

Who inspires you?

My grandmother

Do  you own anything that represents your style

What do you do?

I play with glass

How is business?

Really good! 

What's your footware?


Frequency at which you eat lobsters? 

when friends visit.

Winter is for...


What are you reading?

shambhala  sacred path of the warrior

Who are you listening to?


Describe your style?

when you find out ....  Let me know! 

Maine is .... 


Why did you choose Five Elements for the name of your gallery?

This comes from Chinese acupuncture and the Five Elements ~ Wood, Water, Metal, Earth, Fire.

How did you come to call your fused dichroic jewelry line WindHorse?

I was introduced to WindHorse while reading and studying Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa. The name WindHorse is the translation of the Tibetan term Lungta.  Lungta means the self-existing energy of basic goodness.